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kyuu's master fic list

Hi, you've found a fic masterlist of chrysa's, which chronicles writing between ~2002-2007. If you want a more comprehensive and updated list of works, please visit Archive of Our Own. A new masterlist will be posted eventually on Dreamwidth.

Fandoms: Clamp | Fruits Basket | Prince of Tennis | Tactics | Yami no Matsuei | Misc.


Clamp Campus Detectives
A Christmas Caper
PG | 5516 | Suoh/Nokoru, various characters & pairings | humor
Clamp Gakuen throws a Christmas party. Nokoru has his own plans. Suoh plays along, unwilling.

Tokyo Babylon/X
Unwritten Letters *
G | 264 | Seishirou/Subaru | angst
Sometimes, it's the letters that aren't responded to in a timely manner which mean the most.


Experimental Game
PG | 785 | Finn, Kurt | drama, gen
Sometimes Finn lets his curiosity get the best of him.

Junjou Romantica

PG | 557 | Nowaki/Hiroki | humor
Hiroki does not approve of Nowaki's casual reading material.

Kingdom Hearts

Ten by Ten
PG | 200 | AkuRoku | romance
Perfect things are meant to last forever.

G | 200 | Riku+Sora | gen, friendship
For Sora, Riku will always find a way back through the darkness.


Ils chanteront nos chansons
G | 800 | Green+Eevee | friendship
When she grows up, Eevee wants to Green’s number one girl. (An origins story.)

Never Did Say I Do
PG-13 | 3788 | Green/Red | humor, romance, uni!AU
Green has answered a lot of hard questions before, but it's the hardest one he's ever had to ask.

everything that's right at the wrong time
PG-13 | 2450 | Green/Red | romance, drama
The ones where it goes right scare him more than the ones it doesn’t.

Exhale and Inhale
PG-13 | 1035 | Green/Red | romance, fluff, remix
Green learns how to breathe with Red in his space. Remix of lark's To Breathe.

Soft Reset
PG | 2554 | Leaf(+Green) | drama, gen, anterograde amnesia
Leaf is leaving Pallet Town tomorrow.

the words, they're everything and nothing
G | 990 | Red/Leaf | angst, romance
A love story, in reverse.

pokeprompts' 50/50 blitz entries
01. PG | 50 | Jun-->Hikari | romance, angst, idol!AU
Hikari is the farthest star from Jun.

02. PG | 50 | Misty-->Ash | angst
Misty likes nice things, but tries not to get used to them.

03. PG | 50 | Green/Red | romance
Green and Red, first date.

04. PG | 50 | Pikachu/Eevee | humor
"Are you going to keep them?"
G | 275 | Steven/Wallace | gen
Wallace is a lot like Sootopolis City, Steven thinks.

speaking a dead language - 1 2 3
PG-13 | ~12,300 | Green/Red, various | angst, supernatural
Sometimes, there are people you just can’t live without. For Green, Red is that person.

Borderlines (11 drabbles)
G to PG-13 | 1925 | Green/Red, Leaf | romance, drama
This is how it falls apart, and how they (maybe) rebuild it again.

girls' hearts won't hold steadfast (or, five people dawn could have loved, and one she always has)
G | 560 | Dawn + various | gen, character study
Like most girls, Dawn's heart is always changing.

Multiple Relativity
G | 335 | shiny!Celebi/Grovyle | gen
Time does not flow linearly for Celebi, but she will be there when she is needed.

G | 430 | Lance/Kris | angst, gen
Lance is always with her (even though she is never with him).

Chances Are More Likely Than Not
PG-13 | 1060 | Green/Red | humor
Green has very tenacious challengers, much to his annoyance. He and Red deal. Somehow.

Total Eclipse
G | 230 | Green/Leaf | gen
She waxes and wanes out of his life.

No Place Too Far
PG | 3234 | Jun/Hikari | romance, idol!au
Hikari never really wanted to be an idol, but there was no other way to catch up to Jun.

we'll follow death and all his friends, war!au (wip.)
PG-13 | 6000+ | various character/pairings | angst, gen, au
Johto and Kanto have always been at war. But war is never just about power or battles or countries, but rather the people who live through them.
01. the longest shadows ever cast
Lyra learns the hard way that wars are paid for in blood.

02. slip through me like grains of sand
Jasmine has to be strong for everyone, even though there's no one to be strong for her.
No One Really Wins
PG-13 | 737 | Pikachu, Green/Red | humor
Pikachu and Green have a difficult relationship. Or, Pikachu just really misses Eevee, okay.

tomorrow is just your future yesterday
PG-13 | 3748 | Green/Red, various characters | romance, humor, au
Green and Red may not have had the benefit of growing up together as childhood friends, but what's meant to be will always find a way.

Can't Be Tamed
MA-15+ | 682 | Red/Green | humor, failed smut
Green has obligations. Red likes suits. These two things do not really go well together.

when all else erodes
G | 1600 | Green/Red, various characters | angst, family
Green and Red are not their parents. But that doesn't mean the ghosts of those failures can't still haunt them.

And It Would Be Enough
G to PG-13 | 1023 | Hibiki/Kotone/Silver | gen, romance, angst, suspense
Five flash fics, all variations on the Johto OT3.

Five Jobs Green Never Had (and One He Did)
PG | 5025 | Green, implied Green+various | gen, character study
There are many jobs Green has never had. (But if he ever did have them, he'd be sure to be the best.)

as you melted me
G | 580 | Green/Red | romance
Red doesn't actually lose the scarves Green brings him.

winds that chase sails
PG | 4850 | Green/Red, various characters | drama, angst, slightly confusing
Green can't tell what's real and what's not anymore, even in his memories.

white noise
PG | 1055 | Green/Red | drama, gen
Three months and two days after Red breaks up with him, Green moves into an apartment next to a line of rowhouses with white roofs.

untitled pokanon kink meme fills
01. PG-13 | 479 | Green/Red | humor
Red is really good at torturing Green.

02. PG | 291 | one-sided Misty/Ash, Misty/Ritchie | angst
Misty settles for second best.

03. G | 246 | Koga, Janine | gen, humor
An altnerate story of how Janine got a gym. Sort of.

04. PG | 176 | Red/Green | humor
In which the correct answer is "..."

05. PG | 393 | Kotone+?, Silver, Hibiki, implied Green/Red | humor
Kotone is dumb, remains adorable while doing so.

06. G | 398 | Hibiki/Kotone | fluff
Growing up doesn't mean childhood loves have to end.

07. G | 530 | Eevee | gen
Once upon a time, there was a girl who everyone wanted something from. (An Eeveelution myth.)

08. G | 489 | Silver, Kotone, Hibiki | friendship, gen
Silver learns what it means to have friends.
The Climb
PG | 926 | Green/Red | romance, humor
Green has a lot of complaints about Red, but apparently not enough for him to actually stop climbing Mt. Silver.

Prince of Tennis

Five Ways Tezuka Didn't Lose Fuji Syuusuke * - 1 2 3 (wip.)
PG-13 | 3000+ | TezuFuji | angst
In other worlds, other lifetimes, Tezuka loses Fuji. This is how it never happens, five times over.

Turn Off the Last Light
G | 589 | TezuFuji | gen
Fuji comes home late, but the lights are still on.

footnotes. (at their_white_day)
PG | 3135 | TezuFuji | romance, gen
The moments slip by as Tezuka and Fuji count down the days till their entrance exams.

Super Junior

but my heart's no stranger to upheaval
PG-13 | 2900 | QMi | humor, college!au
In which Kyuhyun makes poor life decisions and Zhou Mi has an emo panda shirt.

My Little Christmas
PG | 925 | QMi | crack
Kyuhyun buys a pony. Zhou Mi fails at Christmas.

Totally Captivated

the world at your feet (and in your eyes)
PG-13 | 700 | Mookyul/Ewon | gen, humor
Ewon did not spend four years in college to be relegated to a glorified housekeeper.


(Not the) Brightest Light Bulb in the Box
PG-13 | 2984 | Shouji-centric, implied Asami/Takaba | humor
The how the story of Shouji comes to work for Sion Group. Sorta.

★ pre-2007 ★


His Own
PG-13 | 139 | Gingetsu/Ran, implied A+Ran | drama
They could take his life, but there are a few things that only belonged to Ran.

Tokyo Babylon/X
Marriage Prospects
G | 173 | Kakyou, Hokuto, implied Seishirou/Subaru | gen
Hokuto misinterprets Kakyou's question about marriage. And not in the right way.

Photographic Memory
PG | 196 | Lady Sumeragi, implied Seishirou/Subaru | angst
Lady Sumeragi sees in photographs what she has not seen in her grandson's eyes for a long time.

The Not-Wedding Dress
PG | 179 | Seishirou/Subaru, Hokuto | humor
It can't be a wedding dress if there's no wedding.

Do You Love Tokyo?
PG | 451 | Seishirou/Subaru | tragedy, slightly weird
Despite everything, Tokyo is still beautiful.

G | 268 | Seishirou/Subaru | gen, romance
Ten years is a long time, but some things last longer.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
The Force of Attraction
PG | 259 | Kurogane, Fai | humor
Rather unforturnately for Kurogane, they end up in a world where opposites literally attract.

Be Careful What You Wish For
PG | 180 | Syaoran | angst
When Syaoran wished for adventure, he never meant this.

Fruits Basket

On Jealousy
PG | 1753 | Haru+Yuki, implied Haru/Rin | gen
It's hard not to be jealous, especially when you realize you've lost your chance.

Not a Day Too Late
G | 1097 | Haru/Yuki | romance
Haru gives Yuki chocolate the day after Valentine's Day.

Watermelon With Spoons
PG-13 | 982 | Haru/Yuki | romance
Haru likes eating watermelon with spoons. Yuki likes eating watermelon with Haru.

PG | 182 | Haru/Yuki | gen
Even if no one else understands, Yuki is glad that Haru does.

G | 326 | Haru/Yuki | fluff
Haru and Yuki look at clouds.

The Best Medicine
PG-13 | 396 | Haru/Yuki | romance
Haru makes certain that Yuki takes his medication.

The Effects of Practical Gardening
G | 455 | Haru, Yuki | gen, fluff
Yuki is a practical person, so he doesn't plant flowers (except when he does).

Along the Way *
G | 1064 | Yuki, Tohru | gen, fluff
Yuki teaches Tohru that gardening takes more than just water and a little sunshine.

Prince of Tennis

words like silence
G | 173 | one-sided TezuFuji | gen, angst
Fuji buys a present for Tezuka.

Rinse and Dry
G | 166 | Tezuka, Fuji | gen
Tezuka enjoys washing dishes.

Color Scheme
G | 920 | TezuFuji | gen, romance
Tezuka and Fuji have a disagreement about curtains for their new home.

Breathe No More
PG | 1200 | TezuFuji | angst, character death
Tezuka wishes he learned to love Fuji a little sooner.

Second Best
PG-13 | 717 | TezuFuji | angst
Being second best at anything is as good as being the first loser.

A Little Love
PG | 820 | TezuFuji | humor, romance
Fuji teaches Tezuka the art of talking to caring for cacti.

G | 995 | MomoRyo | romance, gen
Ryoma makes sure Momo-senpai keeps his promise to him.

Fallen Into Like
G | 496 | Golden Pair | fluff
Oishi doesn't think it's quite love, but it's still something special.

The Hypothetical Sick Day
G | 398 | TezuFuji | romance, humor
In which Fuji takes a hypothetical sick day.


Escapism at its Best
PG-13 | 912 | Kantarou-centric, HaruKan | drama, gen
Kantarou has found a way to escape all the cruelties of his reality.

PG | 635 | HaruKan | romance, angst
To Haruka, Kantarou's words are law, but it's what he doesn't say that matters the most.

20 Things That Haruka Knows About Kantarou
PG-13 | 2803 | HaruKan | romance
Twenty things Haruka has learned about his master during their time together.

Yami no Matsuei

PG-13 | 684 | unrequited Tsusoka | angst, sidefic to Sadame
Society tells us in words that is acceptable to be different, but in actions that it's not.

In Total Darkness
G | 609 | Tsusoka | romance
Tsuzuki makes the darkness better for Hisoka.

PG-13 | 1825 | unrequited Tsusoka | angst
Humans, when faced with the inevitable, blame this one word called "destiny."

Better Than Chocolate *
G | 552 | Tsusoka | fluff
Hisoka is jealous of chocolate. Tsuzuki makes it better.

Misc. Fandoms

Fullmetal Alchemist
PG-13 | 338 | Roy/Ed | crack
Ed makes a boom box. Sort of. It doesn't go well with Roy.

Just a Dream
PG | 1369 | Sakano, Tohma, various pairings | angst, gen
Tohma is not the man Sakano thinks he is.

Gundam Wing
Paperwork *
PG-13 | 846 | 3x4x3 | crack
Quatre wonders why he never gets to top, and Trowa tries to distract him from paperwork.

Ouran High School Host Club
The Game
PG | 671 | Hikaru-centric, implied Hikaru+Kaoru | drama, gen
They're always playing the "are they or aren't they" game.
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